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Week 17

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NOTE FROM STEFAN: nice pic. What were your goals for this week? btw, if you ever wonder what week number it is, find it here

Week 18

Preparing Timetable. Work on Gaussian Pyramid. Work on Smooth and Blur filtering. Study Related Image Analysis laboratories. File:Timetable 120504.pdf

Week 19

Goals: Todo this week:

1.Image or Gradient Pyramid (either will do).

  - parameter to control number of levels
  - Any size of video (360 by 120 for example)

2. Full 3D gradients displayed as they are calculated successively.

3. Update the time plan.

This we will definetely do, with glee

Progress this week:

New Version Of Time Table [[1]]]

Week 20

Progress this week:

The code works with any kind of video size . 256 : File:MaziMay256.ogg 512 : File:MaziMay512.ogg

      //  INWIDTH = (int)mxGetN(prhs[0]);
      //  OUTWIDTH =INWIDTH - HFW*2;
      //  INWIDTHC =(INWIDTH/2)-HFW;
      //  OUTWIDTHC = INWIDTHC - HFW*2; 

Week 21

Progress this week:

We finished creating of third level of pyramid .