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360 VR stereo delivery streaming +360 VR stereo delivery streaming in on premise 1Gb LAN network, throughput requirements, compression protocols and latency. Synchronization of per eye stream to deliver decent VQ. Done at IBM in Gdansk and with Gdansk Technical University.  +


A Peer-to-Peer Extension to the Acumen Modeling Language +To enable cooperative and distributed modeling and simulation in Acumen  +
A Simulation Based Approach to Estimate Energy Consumption for Chip-Multiprocessor +This thesis focuses on providing a feasible energy consumption estimation approach for CMP in early design stage by means of modeling and extending off-the-shelf simulator in real application scenario.  +
A many-core architecture description language +Masters Thesis Project  +
A many-core virtual machine concept +Masters Thesis Project  +
Act Normal – Driving Behavior Model Identification +Creation of driving behavior model based on relatively sparse CAM message information sent (via 3/4G communication) to and fused in a common server DB.  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Build a series of increasingly sophisticated robot models in Acumen, to (1) explore mathematical formulations and (2) create tutorials and didactic examples.  +
Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +to be removed  +
Auto Generation of Embedded Controllers from High Level Specification +Mode-based generation of embedded platform such as the Arduino or RaspberyPi  +
Automatic Testing of Systems on Chip +The goal of this project is to gather necessary information needed for automatically generating assertions and C-test cases for connectivity checks and integration tests when verifying a System On Chip.  +


Booking system for charging stations for electric cars. +Booking system for charging stations for electric cars.  +
Bridging the Gap between Acumen and Modelica +Provide Modelica Syntax for Acumen  +
Building a visual Truck model in CANoe +The goal of this project is to make a complete model of the truck behaviors visual in truck communication protocols environment.  +


Comparative study of an automated testing coverage for a TCP/IP stack implementation +The topic of the project is the comparative study of the coverage of the tests generated by the QuickCheck tool against real coverage requirements  +
Compiling Simulation Code +Compile Acumen models to a high performance language.  +
Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Confined Areas +Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Confined Areas  +


Design Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures +The thesis is focussed on extending a design space exploration tool namely Heracles to model the Epiphany manycore architecture  +
Design and Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +to be removed  +
Dynamic Unit Checking +Masters and Bachelors (Ex/Job) Thesis Project  +


Effective Implementation of Advanced Sensor Applications +The proposed thesis work is being carried in collaboration with Saab - Airborne Surveillance System Business Units  +
Evaluation of Simulation Tools for analysis of Cooperative Driving Scenarios +Survey over and evaluation of simulation tool(s) suitable for analysis of cooperative driving functions and scenarios, e.g. vehicle platoon merge in highway and city scenarios.  +
Evaluation of communication protocols for advanced cooperative driving applications +Evaluation of communication protocols for advanced cooperative driving applications in scope of GCDC competition  +
Evaluation of efficiency of Turbo Boost concept in multicore architectures +Masters Thesis Project  +
Evaluation of platoon Application Enabled by Contemporary ETSI ITS-G5 Standards +The objective is to evaluate the performance of the platoon enabled by ITS-G5 communication standards.  +


Forward and Reverse Simulation +Masters and Bachelors (Ex/Job) Thesis Project  +
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