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A Peer-to-Peer Extension to the Acumen Modeling Language +To enable cooperative and distributed modeling and simulation in Acumen  +
A Simulation Based Approach to Estimate Energy Consumption for Chip-Multiprocessor +This thesis focuses on providing a feasible energy consumption estimation approach for CMP in early design stage by means of modeling and extending off-the-shelf simulator in real application scenario.  +
A many-core architecture description language +Masters Thesis Project  +
A many-core virtual machine concept +Masters Thesis Project  +
Act Normal – Driving Behavior Model Identification +Creation of driving behavior model based on relatively sparse CAM message information sent (via 3/4G communication) to and fused in a common server DB.  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Build a series of increasingly sophisticated robot models in Acumen, to (1) explore mathematical formulations and (2) create tutorials and didactic examples.  +
Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +to be removed  +
Auto Generation of Embedded Controllers from High Level Specification +Mode-based generation of embedded platform such as the Arduino or RaspberyPi  +
Automatic Testing of Systems on Chip +The goal of this project is to gather necessary information needed for automatically generating assertions and C-test cases for connectivity checks and integration tests when verifying a System On Chip.  +


Booking system for charging stations for electric cars. +Booking system for charging stations for electric cars.  +
Bridging the Gap between Acumen and Modelica +Provide Modelica Syntax for Acumen  +
Building a visual Truck model in CANoe +The goal of this project is to make a complete model of the truck behaviors visual in truck communication protocols environment.  +


Compiling Simulation Code +Compile Acumen models to a high performance language.  +


Design Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures +The thesis is focussed on extending a design space exploration tool namely Heracles to model the Epiphany manycore architecture  +
Design and Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +to be removed  +
Dynamic Unit Checking +Masters and Bachelors (Ex/Job) Thesis Project  +


Effective Implementation of Advanced Sensor Applications +The proposed thesis work is being carried in collaboration with Saab - Airborne Surveillance System Business Units  +
Evaluation of Simulation Tools for analysis of Cooperative Driving Scenarios +Survey over and evaluation of simulation tool(s) suitable for analysis of cooperative driving functions and scenarios, e.g. vehicle platoon merge in highway and city scenarios.  +
Evaluation of communication protocols for advanced cooperative driving applications +Evaluation of communication protocols for advanced cooperative driving applications in scope of GCDC competition  +
Evaluation of efficiency of Turbo Boost concept in multicore architectures +Masters Thesis Project  +
Evaluation of platoon Application Enabled by Contemporary ETSI ITS-G5 Standards +The objective is to evaluate the performance of the platoon enabled by ITS-G5 communication standards.  +


Forward and Reverse Simulation +Masters and Bachelors (Ex/Job) Thesis Project  +


Generating Test Adapters for ModelJunit +In this project different aspects of generating test adapters for ModeJunit programs are investigated.  +
Graphical Traffic Scenario Editor +Develop an interactive graphical application to draw vehicle paths and their surrounding environment, for rapid prototyping of traffic scenarios in intelligent vehicle research.  +


High Performance Deep Learning Imlementation on GPU Platform +The project focuses on implementing deep learning algorithms on the state of the art Nvidia Drive PX GPU platform to achieve high performance.  +
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