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The meeting was attended by Stefan, Sepideh, Nicolina, Slawomir, Wagner, Johan, Wojciech, Mikael and Vero.

In the invitation to the meeting vero had written:

I would like us to start by discussing how we best do what is expected from us: to develop our courses, to review course plans and to review course evaluations.
Also, if we have time and if we have volunteers we can discuss some ideas for course development, we can mention something that has come up from earlier course evaluations.

The discussion included better knowing what we do in each others courses (both contents but also how we do things). This as part of the background we need in order to develop our courses. The idea is to find things we can do in courses and among groups of courses. To begin with we will publish a link to material in Blackboard and the course evaluations. Also, we will invite the subject group to attend some session in one of our courses.

Other things that might be useful for developing courses might be data related to how many students pass, how well the teaching sessions are attended, how many hours we schedule for the students, etc. A lot of this can be collected in the pages we start for each course in this wiki.

We discussed things we can start doing. For the series of courses in programming we will start working on re-designing the first programming course in connection with Johan taking over after vero. In the AI series of courses we will try to see whether we can improve how the courses more clearly integrate their parts: some of the courses with modules are perceived like small courses by the students.

The next meeting (23 april according to the school schedule) we will start looking at who will be teaching what in the spring of 2020 (it is too late to look at the fall of 2019). We will also discuss some course evaluations, but we will base the discussion assuming that we have looked at the course evaluations published in this wiki for each of the courses.