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  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Lars Luthmann, Malte Lochau, Mohammad Reza: Expressive Power and Encoding of Transition System Models for Software Product Lines. Submitted for journal, 2018.

%to a special issue in Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, 2018.

  • Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Mahsa Varshosaz: Telling Lies in Process Algebra. Submitted for conference, 2018.

%to TASE 2018.

  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Mustafa Al-Hajjaji, Thomas Thüm, Tobias Runge, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Ina Schaefer: A Classification of Product Sampling for Software Product Lines. Submitted for conference, 2018.

%to SPLC 2018.

  • Nauman Bin Ali, Emelie Engstrom, Masoumeh Taromirad, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Nasir Mehmood Minhas, Daniel Helgesson, Sebastian Kunze, Masha Varshosaz: On the search for industry-relevant regression testing research, Submitted for journal, 2018.

%to Empirical Software Engineering journal, 2018.

  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Harsh Beohar: Basic behavioral models for software product lines: Revisited. To appear in Science of Computer Programming Journal.  %Science of Computer Programming Journal (with minor revision), 2017.
  • Harsh Beohar, Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Basic behavioral models for software product lines: Expressiveness and testing pre-orders. Science of Computer Programming Journal 123: 42-60, 2016.
  • Sofia Larissa da Costa Paiva, Adenilso Simão, Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Complete IOCO test cases: a case study. A-TEST@SIGSOFT FSE 2016: 38-44.
  • Sebastian Kunze, Wojciech Mostowski, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Mahsa Varshosaz: Generation of failure models through automata learning. Workshop on Automotive Systems/Software Architectures (WASA), 2016.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Harsh Beohar, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Delta-Oriented FSM-Based Testing. ICFEM 2015: 366-381.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Model Checking of Software Product Lines in Presence of Nondeterminism and Probabilities. APSEC (1) 2014: 63-70.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Discrete time Markov chain families: modeling and verification of probabilistic software product lines. SPLC Workshops 2013: 34-41.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Modeling and Verification of Probabilistic Actor Systems Using pRebeca. ICFEM 2012: 135-150.\\\\