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Title Modeling of Platooning Vehicles in Unity
Summary Unity visualization of communicated platooning vehicles under different situations
Keywords Platooning, vehicle, simulator, C#, communication, Unity
Prerequisites Programming, vehicle dynamics, communication
Supervisor Alexey Vinel, Johan Thunberg
Level Master

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A platoon (or road train) is a collection of vehicles that cooperate to reach some common goal, such as traveling to a certain common destination. The platoon is led and coordinated by a lead vehicle, manually or automatically driven whereas following trucks are autonomous driven and mimicking the leader's motion. A challenge is a precise coordination in critical situations, e.g. when vehicles in the platoon perform an emergency brake. The overall motivation is to avoid collisions. The simulator of platooning vehicles should be implemented in Unity which is a multi-platform game engine, mainly used to develop two- and three-dimensional games and simulations. A realistic model for each platooning vehicle as well as a communication framework for inter-vehicle (V2V) communication has to be implemented in the simulator. The safety of the platoon has to be achieved by adjusting inter-vehicles distances depending on the message loss probabilities within the platoon which are affected by environment conditions. It is interesting to understand the performance of different distance adjusting algorithms during emergency braking in terms of safety and stability.