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A Methodology for Generating Verified Combinatorial Circuits +Conference Paper  +
A Methodology for Parabolic Synthesis +Book Chapter  +
A Methodology for Parabolic Synthesis of Unary Function for Hardware Implementation +Conference Paper  +
A Monadic Approach for Avoiding Code Duplication when Staging Memoized Functions +Conference Paper  +
A New Approach to Data Mining for Software Design +Conference Paper  +
A New Two-Degree-of-Freedom Space Heating Model for Demand Response +Conference Paper  +
A Novel Reliable Routing Scheme for VANETs +Conference Paper  +
A Pipelined Ring Network - Heterogeneous Real-time in Radar Signal Processing +Conference Paper  +
A Semantic Analysis of C++ Templates +Conference Paper  +
A Serious Computer Game to Assist Tai Chi Training for the Elderly +Conference Paper  +
A Simple Analytical Model for the Periodic Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks +Conference Paper  +
A Sound Reduction Semantics for Untyped CBN Multi-Stage Computation. : Or, the Theory of MetaML is Non-trivial +Conference Paper  +
A Spatial QoS Requirements Specification for V2V Applications +Conference Paper  +
A Study of Design Efficiency with a High-Level Language for FPGAs +Conference Paper  +
A Symbol-Based Approach to Gait Analysis From Acceleration Signals : Identification and Detection of Gait Events and a New Measure of Gait Symmetry +Journal Paper  +
A Symbolic Approach to Human Motion Analysis Using Inertial Sensors : Framework and Gait Analysis Study +PhD Thesis  +
A Two Level Approach to the Design of Software for Cooperating Embedded Systems +Conference Paper  +
A VLSI Implementation of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions Using a Novel Parabolic Synthesis Methodology Compared to the CORDIC Algorithm +Conference Paper  +
A Wearable Accelerometer Based Platform to Encourage Physical Activity for the Elderly +Journal Paper  +
A class of Fiber-Ribbon Pipeline Ring networks for parallel and distributed computing systems +Conference Paper  +
A configurable framework for stream programming exploration in baseband applications +Conference Paper  +
A domain-specic approach for software development on manycore platforms +Conference Paper  +
A fault tolerance test enabling QoS in a Bluetooth piconet +Conference Paper  +
A fiber-optic interconnection concept for scaleable massively parallel computing +Conference Paper  +
A fibre-optic AWG-based real-time network for high-performance embedded computing +Conference Paper  +
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