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Walid Taha, Paul Brauner, Robert Cartwright, Veronica Gaspes, Aaron Ames, Alexandre Chapoutot (2011). A Core Language for Executable Models of Cyber Physical Systems : work in progress report. Work-in-Progress (WiP) Session of the 2nd International Conference on Cyber Physical Systems, ICCPS'11 WIP, Chicago, IL, USA, April 12 - 14, 2011.

Walid Taha, Robert Cartwright (2011). The Trouble with Real Numbers. INFORMATIK 2011 - Informatik schafft Communities 41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Berlin, Germany, 4-7 October.

Yan Wang, Veronica Gaspes (2011). A Library for Processing Ad hoc Data in Haskell : Embedding a Data Description Language. 20th International Symposium, Implementation and Application of Functional Languages, IFL 2008.

Yan Wang, Veronica Gaspes (2011). A Compositional Implementation of Modbus in Protege. 6th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES 2011)).

Zain Ul-Abdin, Bertil Svensson (2011). Occam-pi as a High-level Language for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures. 25th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Workshops and Phd Forum, IPDPSW 2011, Anchorage, AK, 16 - 20 May, 2011.

Zain Ul-Abdin, Anders Åhlander, Bertil Svensson (2011). Programming Real-time Autofocus on a Massively Parallel Reconfigurable Architecture using Occam-pi. IEEE 19th Annual International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM'2011), Campus Univ Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, MAY 01-03, 2011.

Alexander Pyattaev, Sergey Andreev, Alexey Vinel, Boris Sokolov (2010). Client Relay Simulation Model for Centralized Wireless Networks. 7th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation (EUROSIM 10), Prague, Czech Republic, September 6-10.

Alexey Vinel, Alexander Dudin, Sergey Andreev, Feng Xia (2010). Performance modeling methodology of emergency dissemination algorithms for vehicular ad-hoc networks. 2010 7th International Symposium on Communication Systems Networks and Digital Signal Processing (CSNDSP), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 21-23 July.

Anita Sant'Anna, Nicholas Wickström (2010). A linguistic approach to the analysis of accelerometerdata for gait analysis. seventh IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, February 17-19, 2010, Innsbruck, Austria.

Annette Böhm, Kristoffer Lidström, Magnus Jonsson, Tony Larsson (2010). Evaluating CALM M5-based vehicle-to-vehicle communication in various road settings through field trials. 35th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, LCN 2010, Denver, CO, USA, 10 - 14 October, 2010.

Björn Nilsson, Lars Bengtsson, Bertil Svensson (2010). A snoozing frequency binary tree protocol. The Third International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology, 6-7 September 2010, La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena, Spain, 2010.

Boris Bellalta, Alexey Vinel, Miquel Oliver (2010). An upper-bound queueing model for Multi-rate Downlink SDMA systems. 2010 International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT), Moscow, Russia, 18-20 Oct.

Boris Sokolov, Evgeny Tsivirko, Alexey Vinel (2010). Overview of broadband wireless access technologies and stochastic models for their performance evaluation. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Complex Stochastic Data and Systems (CDAM’2010), Minsk, Belarus, September 7-11.

Claudia Campolo, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Antonella Molinaro, Alexey Vinel (2010). On the Performance of Beaconing in 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. 10th International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems Telecommunications (ITST 2010), Kyoto, Japan, 9-11 Nov..

D. Hassan, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, M. A. Reniers (2010). Restricted delegation and revocation in language-based security : (Position paper). The 5th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security, Toronto, Canada, June 10.

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